Friday, April 2, 2010

A few goodies that came my way...

To show how truly incredible my family really is, I just wanted to post a couple pictures of some lovely things I've recently acquired. :)

I'm at home in Spartanburg, SC for Easter, and was out doing some grocery shopping with my dad for tonight's chips/guac/margarita night. I spotted this wine at our local Food Lion, and about flipped my lid when I saw the name of the vineyard! AAAAAND it was on closeout- way cheap. (Which probably is not good news for either the vineyard or the wine itself, but I didn't care, the name sold me.) My sweet dad promptly picked up the bottles and bought them for me. ("You just have to have them, Marie...") I'm so pumped to try them! I love wine anyways, but Cupcake Vineyard wine just HAS to be incredible...

In addition to this...
A few weeks ago, I was talking to my Mimi on the phone, and mentioned to her that my hand mixer was getting quite a workout, even to the point of giving off this horrible burnt smell as the motor struggled against my cupcake batter (almost every time I bake.) My Mimi is the most giving and kind woman in the world (it's her love language), aaaaaand she really loves garage sales and QVC so she always has like, literally 3 of everything, so she IMMEDIATELY said, "Oh, I can give you my standing mixer, dear! I don't ever use that thing, your Aunt Doreen has had it for a month or so, and she doesn't use it either. Plus, I got it on a closeout special on QVC, it's really top of the line and a great mixer and I got such a great deal on it (etc, etc, morphs into "deal mode" to tell me all about all the things she's gotten on sale lately- a trait that I see myself reflecting often...)" So, because I have such a wonderful, kind, giving Mimi, I have a new stand up mixer!!!! I am SO pumped, and am ready to try it out! :)

I'm actually trying it out TOMORROW!!! Since this "Sweet Sunday" is Easter, I'm making a special batch of cupcakes tomorrow! You are NOT going to want to miss this recipe- I've been planning this one for awhile. :) Let's just say, you're going to get more bang for your buck with this recipe. Check back on April 4th, Sweet EASTER Sunday, for the recipe & pictures!


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